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Anjali Surelia

Social media presence is crucial. Let me help you with that.

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UGC Creator Portfolio

- Running out of fresh and fun content about your product?

- Want your videos that look native to the platform?

- Want your Ads to stand out?

User Generated Content (UGC) is produced by real users (like me!) for the brand to post on the brand's social media channels (not to confuse with influencer posts where the influencer will post the content on their channels).

UGC gives you a feeling of native content on the platform that will resonate more with your audience and thus  leading to growth in engagement, trust and conversions. 

I am here to help!

Anjali Surelia - UGC Creator

Video Example
Price List


10-30 sek

9:16 format

1x UGC video     ₹5000

3x UGC video     ₹12,000

5x UGC video     ₹20,000


Color correction and minor retouching included

3:4 format (if not agreed otherwise) 

1x photos        ₹1500

3x photos        ₹3500

5x photos       ₹6000

*All prices here are indicative only and different video formats, lengths and bundles are available.

Let's chat about your project so I can recommend the right solutions for your brand and campaign. 

Photo Example
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